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We know that the increase in the price of energy is a current news and is affecting the hotel sector too, and, as a result, also the spas dedicated to guests’ well-being.
If, on the one hand, this may lead to the decision of temporarily closing Wellness areas to reduce energy consumption, on the other, the global market of travellers is sending us a different message: well-being is a need rooted in their choices, including those concerning the hotel that will welcome them on their next trip.

We at Starpool have always had at heart the aspect of energy saving and sustainability. Thanks to an ongoing activity of research and development, today we know how to direct our clients towards correct and conscious choices, that allow them to have benefits and optimize their resources.
A spa is energy-consuming in itself, as there aspects connected to energy consumption that cannot be change, but other factors come into play to achieve what we like to call “Sustainable Wellness”.


Conscious design

We strongly believe that sustainability goes beyond the product itself and energy saving, but that it should embrace a broader concept of conscious design: in this way, the decisions concerning the spa to create will be consistent with the real needs and resources of the facility. With over 45 years of experience, we support facilities with an initial in-depth analysis of the territory, of the competitors’ price positioning, and of their real needs. This results in the definition of a Wellness area and of a Business model that are consistent with the identity of the facility, with its reference market, with the available resources and with adequately designed spaces.

Technology-technology block

Technological innovation

Today’s actions affect our future. For this reason we develop solutions that are more and more technologically performing, connecting tradition and innovation. The technology that we apply to our products not only ensure a spa that is always in line with the requirements of an ever-evolving market, but also has a positive impact on the equipment operational and maintenance costs, allowing for remote support and maximizing the efficiency of on-site operations.


Green Pack

Installed as a standard on all our cabins, it features self-closing doors which, thanks to the energy management software, prevent unnecessary leakage of steam maintaining a constant temperature and optimizing the consumption, with an estimated energy saving of 20%.


Eco-spa Technology

Management software installed, it allows for full management of the spa through a device, remote management and optimum control of energy peaks, thus ensuring that the equipment functions with much less energy than the maximum available.


Sim 4.0

A unique and innovative type of software in the Wellness industry, which allows for the predictive maintenance of the spa and its conscious management, thanks to bimonthly reports which can provide information about the Wellness areas, the guests’ preferences and the energy consumption peaks.

Starpool SoulSteam

Quality of materials

We select the best raw materials, drawing the resources from our territory to reduce the environmental impact. Thanks to the quality of our materials, our Wellness solutions have a guaranteed durability over time and a low U value, resulting in turn in minimum heat dispersion and subsequent energy consumption optimization.

Design your sustainable spa With us

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