The NBA practices Mindfulness

Finding your balance in professional sports

Over the last ten years, the topic of mental health has evolved significantly, reaching the world of professional sports as well.
In the hectic daily routine of the NBA, where every match is both a physical and mental battle, more and more players are discovering the benefits of meditation and Mindfulness. This approach helps players to improve performance and maintain the right balance on the court. In fact, Mindfulness is not just a fleeting trend: it is a proven practice that is transforming the way in which athletes manage stress and improve focus.

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The roots of Mindfulness at the NBA

At the NBA, meditation has deep roots thanks to Phil Jackson, the legendary “Zen Master”. Known for introducing regular meditation and yoga sessions for his teams, he highlighted the importance of awareness to reach sport excellence. His influence paved the way for many other players and trainers to include meditation in their preparation.
A prime example of this is Isaiah Hartenstein, pivot of the New York Knicks. Before every match, Hartenstein finds his mental balance on a bench, closing his eyes and focusing on his breathing. This ritual helps him to focus and mentally prepare for the matches. Hartenstein attributes most of his success to meditation, which helped him to reach major goals, both for himself and his team.

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The impact of Mindfulness on performance

The promotion of psychological wellness in professional sports has also progressed significantly. In sport, where physical strength is a prerequisite, the ability to keep calm and focused in high-pressure circumstances can make the difference between winning and losing. Practising Mindfulness allows players to better manage emotions, reduce anxiety and improve mental resilience. Training to fin calm in the middle of chaos is crucial for an athlete.

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Zerobody Dry Float: A new tool for players’ well-being

In a context where attention to well-being and mental health grows daily, innovative tools become more and more necessary. With Zerobody Dry Float, you can experience the benefits of dry floatation combining it with the relaxation of body and mind thanks to the Mindfulness and breathing techniques. This allows you to create your ideal environment to reduce stress and favour focus: the perfect combination for athletes that try to optimise their performance.

Meditation and Mindfulness are profoundly changing the way of facing competition and pressure, as inner peace is a great advantage on the court. With the new technologies and the progress of scientific research, the opportunities to improve well-being and performance were never so accessible.