The accessories of wellness

If you work in the world of beauty and wellness treatments, you know that the use of accessories and tools is essential to ensure guests an unforgettable experience.
The wise use of these tools, to be selected carefully according to the treatment chosen and the guest’s well-being and health goals,  is an integral part of the treatment itself.

These are small cotton bags (technically “boluses”) filled with natural herbs and spices and essential oils, warmed in medicated oil or through steam in order to spread out the effects of the thermal treatment.


Heritage of the Ayurvedic tradition, the Pindasweda treatment starts with a relaxing massage with medicated oil, followed by the massage with the boluses, used to stroke the body with circular motions and to apply pressure. The boluses are then laid on specific areas of the body.  The massage is followed by a reaction phase of relaxation for about half an hour before having a hot bath.

The Pindasweda massage is particularly suited to: ease joint pain and muscle contractures, fight arthritis, rheumatism and arthrosis, eliminate toxins and skin impurities and fight cellulitis.

hot stones

These are basalt stones. Basalt is an effusive volcanic rock, characterized by its very dark colour and its capacity to absorb and retain heat.

Hot Stones

The massage with hot stones is a specific kind of physical treatment where the therapists use these accessories as an “extension” of their hands or resting them on the customer’s body when massaging other parts of the body.  Cold marble stones are sometimes used too, as they are particularly suited to treat inflammations and for the stimulation of the nervous system.

The Hot Stones massage is particularly suited to: ease joint pain and muscle contractures, favour lymphatic and venous circulation, treat backache and cervical pain, smooth and tone the skin, help the psycho-emotional sphere, fighting insomnia, anxiety, stress and nervous tension.


These are metal balls with a diameter of about 5 centimeters. They are generally warmed up to reach a very similar temperature to that of our body, but they can also be used cold to obtain a revitalizing effect and to fight fatigue marks around the eyes.

Boading Balls

The body is sprinkled with a mix of essential oils, such as lemon, cypress, rosemary or bitter orange, that have a relaxing or reducing effect.  The operator places two balls under the palms of the hands and slides them along the whole body, applying pressure of different intensity according to the treated area.

To fight cellulite, for example, the balls are slid on the lymphatic stations on the belly, on the groin and behind the knees, so as to make the stagnant liquids flow towards the lymphatic channels and facilitate their elimination.

The massage with boading balls is particularly suited to: fight water retention, release muscle tension and stiffness, reactivate skin microcirculation.



These are brushes with soft natural bristles, generally marten or mink, coming in different sizes and compaction according to the area to be treated.


The body is fully massaged from feet to face (including the hair) without any oils or lotions, and the brushes replace the operator’s hands completely.  The massage starts from the feet and then, with a combination of sweeping and circular motions, the operator moves the brushes up the whole body.  The motions follow the natural direction of the hairs.  At the end of the massage, the guest should be left to rest for five minutes before getting up.

The treatment is gentle, delicate and non-invasive.  It doesn’t stress the musculoskeletal system and is in fact a stimulating and reassuring technique that is often used to fight emotional blockages.

Whatever accessories you decide to use in your beauty center or in your spa, do not underestimate the importance of correct temperature!  In order to have the desired effects, all of these tools must be correctly warmed up and cooled, as well as kept at the appropriate temperature for the whole duration of the treatment. Don’t forget to keep your accessories at hand to facilitate your work and offer an unforgettable experience of sheer regeneration to your costumers.

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