Sport and hospitality

Discover one of the trends of 2024 according to the Global Wellness Summit

What is the relationship between sports and well-being in today’s world? With greater access to information, the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle has become a world phenomenon that has led more and more people to approach sport and physical activity. People look more and more for immersive experiences and inclusive environments that may help them improve their performance and wellness. As a consequence, as sport tourism increases, the need for destinations that offer services with recovery treatments and cutting-edge gym equipment grows along.


Sport holidays in name of well-being

According to the Global Wellness Summit, travellers are more and more interested in a kind of tourism that can meet both their passion for sport and their need for relaxing moments.
In the hospitality sector, innovative services and spaces have been flourishing, concerning in particular the recovery after physical activity, and thus responding to the market’s demand for sport-centred travels. In an era characterised by greater awareness regarding personal well-being, people are no longer content with a simple stay, but they look for experiences that embrace physical, mental and also emotional health.


Fitness, beauty and recovery for hospitality

Hotels that try to meet these requirements offer exclusive programs that connect the fitness, beauty and recovery areas, allowing their guests to have their needs met in a harmonious way. It is for this reason that we at Starpool have designed a new approach to wellness, starting from the idea that specific combinations of products and methods of use can ensure specific benefits. In this way, we managed to design not only wellness spaces, but actual programs to connect the various areas dedicated to wellness in hotels. Hence, guests can benefit from these programs integrating them in their sport activities, to work on muscle recovery and performance improvement.


Recovery Class: the ideal solution for hospitality

Recovery Class is an innovative format designed by us at Starpool for Active hotels and hotels that want to complete their offer with an exclusive area entirely dedicated to recovery after physical activity. This format includes the combination of equipment with functional programs aimed at psycho-physical recovery after training at the gym or outdoor exercise. The format, designed and developed according to the guidelines of our Scientific Research Department, takes advantage of the body’s physiological response to heat, cold therapy and dry floatation.