The wellness routine that regenerates body and mind

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Listening to ourselves and our body is indeed one of the main trends of today. More and more people feel the need to regain the balance between body and mind by starting to take care of themselves completely, inside and out. In a hectic, constantly changing word, people look for functional and innovative products to help them fight stress, anxiety, insomnia, as well as reawaken their emotions and senses to regain peace and serenity.


Psycare: the new wellness trend

It is in this context that the so-called “Psycare” is taking hold. It is a market trend that aims to promote a balanced and healthy daily routine that offers peace and longevity. Its ultimate goal is people’s psychological and psychophysical well-being. The term was coined by Beautystreams, a leader company in the definition of world beauty trends, and it includes all the activities that allow people to feel well and in harmony with body and mind. From skin to haircare, from fragrances to make-up, from the spa experience to the recovery after the sport training. It’s about actual wellness rituals and programs linked to an emotional beauty that stems from within.

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The perfect balance between body and mind

Wellness is the result of the harmony between body and mind. But how can we focus on the here and now in such a fast and competitive world?
Breathing techniques and mindfulness are among the first choices for those who want to invest in deep regeneration that lasts over time. These Brain Training techniques, combined with the use of innovative technologies, transform self-care in a holistic and sensory experience, allowing our body to balance our vital parameters and slow down ageing.

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Our format to favour longevity

In addition to the Brain Training techniques, at Starpool, we designed and launched a new format dedicated to preventive care and longevity with the goal of helping people to feel well and live longer. By combining innovative solutions such as photobiomodulation, cold therapy, molecular hydrogen and Dry Float therapy, you can enhance your daily beauty routine and reduce troubles due to stress, anxiety, fatigue and muscle and joint pain.

At Starpool, we strongly believe that by training body your mind and favouring the relaxation of your body, you can become your own temple to regenerate, pause and get to know your true self. A space for peace, comfort and happiness.