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The new idea of wellness

I.Con Collection is the unprecedented point of intersection between wellness and sustainable architecture that takes the shape of I.Con Sauna and I.Con Relax, created from the reuse of containers meant for transport. Fully equipped regeneration spaces that breathe new life into the environment, integrating with it perfectly and enhancing its characteristics. Easy to transport and install, they suit every context: in the outdoor area of hotels, residences, camping sites, as well as in a home garden or in a city centre.

I.Con Sauna is a regenerated container featuring a Finnish sauna with the unique and exclusive design of the collections by Starpool. The Nordic tradition of the sauna meets the design innovation of cutting-edge architecture.
I.Con Relax  is characterised by large glass walls, offering an immersive experience in the landscape while enjoying the warmth of the stove. It is also a perfect match with the essential design of our Bridge Lounger and can be completed with the innovative Wellness Coach, our interactive system that allows to theme the relaxation moments.

Design: MFOR

Nave 1Nave 1

The outfitting of I.Con Collection

I.Con Sauna and I.Con Relax are extremely versatile, both inside and outside, thanks to three exclusive types of outfitting: mountain, urban, beach. Each type of outfitting has different and peculiar traits that create a unique personality for every container, integrating and blending perfectly with the surrounding landscape.



The interior and exterior design is inspired by the mountain landscape and evokes the atmosphere of the woods, with its scents and colours which convey the typical sense of nature offered by the mountains.



The skyscrapers of the modern iconic metropolises have laid the foundations for the development of the urban mood, characterised by metal parts and shades of grey that recall the façades of the distinctive big-city buildings.



The intentionally faded shades evoke the soft colours of the sand and reproduce the typical air of the iconographic seaside resorts, transformed over time by the sea and wind erosion.

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