Health is about metameters

Have you ever heard about metameters? Maybe not, and yet they are responsible for our physical well-being and our mood. If you’re curious, this is the right article for you!

Metameters are ten cross regions located along the spine: each one is crossed by the sympathetic nervous system and is associated to a reference organ. They can be grouped in specific body areas and, for each one of these, we can clearly identify the function and the involved organs, as well as the associated emotions. The extraordinary ability of metameters to interact both with our organs and with our mood means that, if we treat them correctly, we can improve both our physical wellness and our emotions management, the so-called “emotional intelligence”. In other words, an effective tool to ensure health and well-being with a holistic approach, which is becoming more and more popular worldwide.


The metameric massage acts on the connective tissue, literally separating the epidermis from the derma to alleviate tensions, reactivate blood circulation and promote better oxygenation of the tissues. The alleviation of tensions allows to re-establish the balance between the nervous system and the organs associated with the treated area.  At the same time, this massage helps develop awareness about one’s emotions and, those who receive it frequently, learn to better manage their feelings.

The back is an extremely important area that plays a very sensitive role: it accumulates the tensions during the day, it supports the weight of our head, it helps with the movements and with the choice of direction, and most importantly it protects our spine and chest, respectively our pillar and the seat of our vital treasures. Competence is necessary to treat this area, as well as skillful handling and constant attention to the frames of mind caused by the massage and to its influence on the interested organs. A properly performed massage using the right technique can make a real difference in the life of those who receive it: it can help to better live each aspect of everyday life in the medium-long term.


Giacomo Beccucci, Aquila Basket Head of Performance, while massaging the dorsal region on an athlete during a flotation session with Zerobody

Metameters in the dorsal region

Thanks to the therapeutic effect of dry floatation, Zerobody favors venous and lymphatic circulation, bringing nutrition and oxygen to the tissues. And not only that: thanks to the digital contents for mental wellness, Zerobody triggers the right message for our body to send to the reflex points of our organs – an effective tool to prevent physical and emotional pain.


The power of Brain Training

Mindfulness helps us recognize the emotions associated with sadness, fear, and uncertainty for the future, and teaches us how to accept them without bias and to manage them with a lucid and alert mental approach; it is ideal for the dry floatation sessions associated to the manipulation of the dorsal, lumbo-sacral and coccyx regions. Breathing techniques, on the other hand, allow you to regain control and manage negative emotions, like rage, improving a positive self-perception and restoring the correct flux of oxygen to the brain; they are ideal for the dry floatation sessions associated with the manipulation of the dorsal region.

For this reason, Zerobody is an ideal solution in physiotherapy: the synergy between floatation, digital contents to train your mind and the expert handling of the therapist result in an effective and precise treatment.

Some of the most innovative centres have already chosen Zerobody for their daily activities; contact us to try Zerobody for free and meet our experts.

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