Cold in the world of Beauty

Functions and benefits

The new frontier of preventive care, natural beauty, and anti-ageing care, invests on cold therapy and on its activation and immunostimulation effect. It is an ancient technique, which was once practised diving into icy water. Today, we at Starpool interpret this treatment from a modern perspective with products that offer all the benefits of cold therapy, in an easier and faster way than the traditional solutions on the market. Curious to discover what we are talking about?


The benefits of cold in the world of Beauty

In the world of beauty, the effects of cold are used for skin and general body care, starting from weight control. Recent studies show that cold transforms white fat into brown fat, which is important for both health and physical fitness. In fact, cold allows you to burn fat as a response to the lowering of your body temperature. Cold also helps to fight cellulite, by improving venous circulation and bringing nutrition to the concerned body areas. On top of the benefits listed here, cold also has anti-ageing effects on the skin. Thanks to the regenerating power of low temperatures, the skin looks smoother and invigorated. This also makes products and lotions more effective, as the skin is more receptive and oxygenated.


Our proposals for Cold Therapy: Zerobody Cryo

Zerobody is a less intense solution than traditional cryotherapy. Easy-to-use, safe and versatile, it allows to enjoy cold therapy at a temperature of 4-6°C without the need to get wet. Thanks to the gradual cooling of the skin, it stimulates the immune and metabolic system, creating a state of general well-being and helping the body to burn fats and calories; in this way, the skin looks toned and younger. The treatment also activates endorphins, called “happiness molecules”, which lead to a decrease of stress levels. Lastly, Zerobody Cryo may be used after physical activity, even by professional athletes, in that it favours fast and effective muscle recovery and it eases joint pain.


Our format featuring Cold Therapy: Longevity Spa

Zerobody Cryo is included in Longevity Spa, an exclusive format designed by us at Starpool. This format can be installed in a wellness centre, in a day spa or in a beauty area, and is entirely aimed at preventive and anti-ageing care. Its programs and technologies are effective for stress management, sleep quality and for the enhancement of psycho-physical performance. On top of this, the Longevity Spa products are combined together to achieve real results in terms of longevity, now a priority for all those who work with the remise en forme.