Children in the spa

Some useful advice

Children in the spa?
Absolutely! Sauna, steam bath and other wellness solutions are suited for the little ones, too.
In fact, in Northern European children are brought to the sauna from 4 years of age.
It is necessary to observe a few rules, but the benefits will follow shortly: stronger body, healthier airways, improved temperature regulation.

Bambini in spa

Some rules to let the children enjoy the spa

It’s important that:

  • they are accompanied by an adult;
  • they have good overall health;
  • their stomach isn’t too full or too empty;
  • they sit on the lower sauna bench, where the temperature doesn’t exceed 75°C;
  • they do not stay for longer than 3 minutes at the beginning, increasing the time of stay gradually.


After the intense heat of the Finnish sauna or the mid heat of the steam bath, the cooling phase is especially important for children and it mustn’t be skipped.
They can either go out in the open air wearing a bathrobe, or use a mild water jet with a temperature of about 24°C or 26°C.
Right afterwards, remember to enjoy some rest, rehydrate and eat some fruit to recover all your energy and make the most of your experience with children in the spa!

Dry Float Therapy per i bambini

The Dry Float Therapy for children

Not just sauna and steam bath: even Zerobody, our innovative dry floatation system to regenerate body and mind can be used by children too!
It has no contraindications or age limits. The body floats over 400 litres of warm water, without the need to undress or get wet.
Why not let them enjoy the experience of the Dry Float Therapy?
It promotes sleep, it’s relaxing and fun at the same time. It offers the very young ones teh sensation of being back in their mother’s womb, while it favours study and focus for teenagers.