Wellness and Climate Change

Discover one of the trends of 2024 according to the Global Wellness Summit

In the list of 2024 trends to pay attention to, the Global Wellness Summit has also entered “wellness and climate change”.
In fact, 2023 was a record-breaking year as far as temperatures go: as time goes by, our planet is more and more exposed to the consequences of climate change, which entails huge risks for both our physical and mental health. For this reason, a new vision of the future with actions aimed to tackle this problem has been growing among more and more people.


Wellness and climate change in the hospitality sector

A wave of innovations that are ever “greener” is taking hold in architecture, design, fashion and even tourism. Stargazing, yoga under the moon and hiking at night are just some of the activities that will become increasingly popular over the next years. Even the ideal holiday has been changing due to climate change: there will be an increasing preference for the mountains over the sea, and for half-season holidays over summer holidays. Travellers are now in search of deeper and more introspective experiences to take care of themselves and also of the environment.


Wellness and climate change for our health

Naturopathic physician Marcus Coplin, in the annual Global Wellness Summit report, explains how in the future will no longer focus on where to spend a healthy holiday, but how to do it and with what tools. Much will change, especially in the sector of traditional wellness. We will witness of the movement “climate-adaptive wellness” grow more and more, that is, a concept of innovative well-being that aims to tackle the negative effects of the climate crisis on physical health.

Starpool’s solutions for wellness and climate change

Sustainability and “be green” are key concepts of our daily work. We respect the environment: we use local raw materials and through consultancy, we develop sustainable projects customised on the needs of each client. We designed software solutions for automation, predictive control and reduction of the energy consumption of our equipment, thanks to a system of remote management and maintenance. Our goal is to use technological innovation in service of the wellness of both the people and the planet.