30-min Longevity Experience with Starpool

Your regeneration experience at Fuori Salone

At Fuori Salone, from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st April, you can find your true well-being again thanks to our new Longevity Spa through individual sessions of deep regeneration. You will have a chance to train body and mind and manage stress and sleep, as well as work on psycho-physical performance and longevity.

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Our solutions for regeneration at Fuori Salone

Come try our Longevity Spa, and discover how to strengthen your natural health potential thanks to the combination of cutting-edge equipment and programs of use customised specifically on your needs.

Discover here the products that you will be able to try during your Longevity Experience at Starpool’s Fuori Salone.

DRY FLOAT per Salone

Zerobody Dry Float for your Longevity Experience

Zerobody Dry Float is an innovative patented system to regenerate body and mind. Developed from extensive scientific research about the benefits of floatation in water, it is an effective and versatile solution for the Dry Float Therapy: the body floats on 400 litres of warm water, without the need to get undressed or wet. An innovative technique that eases muscle and joint paint, promotes blood flow, favours muscle recovery, reduces stress levels and improves the quality of sleep.

CRYO per Salone

Zerobody Cryo for your Longevity Experience

Simple, safe and easy-to-use, the innovative Zerobody Cryo allows you to enjoy the cold therapy in a comfortable and non-invasive way, offering the same benefits as traditional cryotherapy. Patented by Starpool, Zerobody Cryo boosts the immune and metabolic systems, resulting in a state of overall well-being and specific physical and mental benefits.

HYDROGEN per Salone

Molecular Hydrogen Booster for your Longevity Experience

An easy-to-use, cutting-edge technique that, thanks to a practical portable intranasal system, offers a large variety of psycho-physical benefits: Molecular Hydrogen counteracts the harmful effect of free radicals, delays cell ageing, and slows down skin slackening and wrinkles formation. It can be used in any moment of the day and it is suitable for everyone.

PBM per Salone

Photobiomodulation for your Longevity Experience

A therapeutic technique that works with the emission of low-frequency light energy, which reaches the cells through the skin, providing the former with new energy. It is a treatment as simple as it is effective: it impacts the mechanisms of cellular energy production and increases localised blood flow. This allows a reduction in inflammation and in post-traumatic edema, reducing pain and increasing the capacity of tissues to repair themselves.

Instructions to enjoy your 30-minute regeneration

Where: at our Showroom in Milan, on the first floor of 27, Via Durini
When: from Monday 15th April to Sunday 21st April, from 10 am to 6.30 pm;
Thursday 18th April, from 10 am to 10 pm
How long: the Longevity Experience takes 35 minutes
What you need: nothing! We will provide you with everything you need to enjoy your Longevity Experience in the best possible way and in complete safety. We will sanitise all products before and after each session.
Reservations: send your request to teamstarpool@starpool.com, indicating the day and time that you prefer. The number of places is limited!

We can’t wait to meet you!

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