Federico Pellegrino

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Federico Pellegrino, aged 30, is an Italian cross-country skier, sprint world champion in 2017 in Lahti and winner of a Sprint World Cup and of a Olympics Silver Medal. Chicco, that’s what his friends call him, chose to practice cross-country skiing when he was only 7 years old. He won the final course race and officially started his successful career. “My sport is a mix of strength, resistance, strategy, as well as time and rhythm management. I train with commitment and discipline because I strongly believe that success is the result of hard work and focus.”

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Federico's preparation

Roller skiing, running, cycling, walking, muscle strengthening at the gym, as well as training on the slopes when the first snows come. 800 hours of training a year, divided in about 330 days: a bit less than 3 hours a day. It doesn’t seem much? Wrong, because “in cross country skiing the winner is not the one who trains more, but the one who trains better.”

That’s why Federico doesn’t rely on chance: his day is marked by precise deadlines and great attention to all aspects of physical and mental performance, in a perfect equation of all round health and well-being.

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Wellness at Federico's

Now more than ever, well-being, intended as mental and physical balance, plays a key role in the quality of life of each and every one of us. This is even more true for a professional athlete, who holds mental and physical performance as the utmost priority. And Federico knows this well.

That’s why he decided to bring well-being into his house, choosing both the tradition with the Finnish sauna and the innovation with the dry floatation of Zerobody Dry Float– two of the most representative and effective ways to experience health and well-being.

Our method applied to Federico's training

Thanks to constant research and collaboration with centers of excellence, Starpool has studied for Federico an actual weekly training program: the sauna, followed by an appropriate cold reaction, trains both heart and breathing to enhance physical performance, explosive strength and resistance, which favor the elimination of metabolic waste such as lactate and heavy metals. The therapeutic effect of dry floatation offers the utmost expression of rest and recovery, helping Federico to reach the full potential of both his body and mind.


Federico Pellegrino

Olympic Medal - Cross Country Skiing

“Cross-country skiing is a discipline that requires great commitment and constant travel. After an exhausting training or a long trip, being able to recover mental and physical energy in a fast and effective way is fundamental for me. That’s why I chose Starpool as my Wellness Partner!”