EssenzialMente is an innovative Beauty Centre & City Spa located in the heart of Genoa, standing our for its competence, expertise and offer of customised treatments. The facility focuses on the overall well-being for its clients, offering a cosy and sophisticated environment. With its holistic approach, EssenzialMente offers a wide range or body treatments, advanced beauty practices and specific consultations about aromatherapy.


The philosophy and services by EssenzialMente

“EssenzialMente improves the concept of beauty therapy from simple treatment to a broader value, making it into a deep individual journey to the discovery of love for oneself and psycho-physical balance.” Explains Chiara Mazzetta, the CEO of Essenzialmente.
At the Centre, the offer includes customised beauty and wellness experiences with aromatherapy and massages, as tools that have been used since ancient times to reconnect with the most intimate part of ourselves.
Overall body care has fundamental importance because it contributes to the perception that we have of ourselves. This is the very reason why a City SPA was created at the Centre.


Innovation with Treatment Room by Starpool

The City SPA accommodates a Treatment Room, innovative format designed by Starpool to accompany clients in a journey that unites the beauty treatment to sensory pleasure, for a unique, fascinating and innovative experience of beauty and wellness.
The Beauty Care technologies featured in the Treatment Room are perfectly integrated with the practices that have always characterised the philosophy of the centre: this system ensures a complete support to plan individual and customised experiences with the guests based on their needs and expectations.


The Starpool technologies chosen by EssenzialMente

The stars of the Treatment Room are Nuvola, Soffio, Battista and Wellness Coach, chosen to offer the clients of the centre an experience of utter psycho-physical well-being with a holistic innovative approach.

  • Nuvola is used to make the most of the beneficial effect of treatments, thanks to the regenerating power of dry floatation on body and mind.
  • Soffio is used for massages: the gentle rhythmic water wave, the chromotherapy and aromatherapy enhance the emotional side of the experience.
  • Battista supports the operators during the treatments, allowing them to have everything they need right at hand and turning every treatment into a sensory experience of pure well-being.
  • Wellness Coach transforms the moments devoted to rest in actual regeneration experiences for body and mind, thanks to Mindfulness and guided breathing programs where every customer can choose their preferred activity according to their wellness goal and the desired level of difficulty.

The benefits for EssenzialMente

“Thanks to the products by Starpool, EssenzialMente positioned itself as City SPA in the area. The centre is recognised as a place for psycho-physical remise en forme in the heart of centre, within reach without the need to travel miles or devote entire days to it.” Chiara explains. “The identity of the facility on the market increased its reputation and allowed for a more specific actualisation with respect to our original mission. In addition to this, the experiences offered thanks to the Treatment Room by Starpool are a great opportunity to offer our guests a unique moment of sensory pleasure together with a body treatment, rediscovering the value of the connection between body and mind.”

Client's feedback


“Great experience! Nuvola + massage on Soffio is the winning combination for exceptional relaxation!”


“Embraced by sweet oil that allows you to relax body and soul with an extraordinary massage. I totally recommend this experience.“


“It feels like floating on a cloud, literally! It really is magic. A unique combination of sensations. Fantastic experience!”