Sweet Sauna

The unique, unparalleled, unmistakable style is the distinctive feature of the Sweet Sauna, whose structure is a functional and aesthetic piece of décor suiting every environment perfectly. Wellness areas that can fully meet any need in terms of space, without affecting the multiple technical qualities.

The perfect union between cutting-edge technology, incomparable design, atmosphere, and premium quality materials. A professional, emotional, and captivating experience for the home and the workplace.

Design: Cristiano Mino

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Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

  • Data sheet
  • Coverings
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Data sheet

External dimensions with remote technical room (cm)

105W X 195D X 233H
195W X 105D X 233H
150W X 150D X 233H
195W X 150D x 233H
175W X 150D X 220/231H
250W X 150D X 220/231H
195W X 195D X 233H
285W X 195D X 233H
285W X 285D X 233H
375W X 195D X 233H
285W X 375D X 256H
375W X 285D X 233H
375W X 375D X 256H
*in the Vision version the front glass wall can be max. 285 cm long

Minimum overall dimensions for installation with remote technical room (cm)

115W X 200D X 240H
205W X 110D X 240H
160W X 160D x 240H
205W X 160D X 240H
185W X 155D X 230/240H
260W X 155D X 230/240H
215W X 205D X 255H
305W X 205D X 255H
305W X 295D X 255H
395W X 205D X 255H
305W X 385D X 275H
395W X 295D X 255H
395W X 385D X 275H
*in the Vision version the front glass wall can be max. 285 cm long


230 VAC 1P+N+PE / 400 VAC 3P+N+PE

Max consumption (kW)

4,5 - 24,5


80 - 100 °C

Relative humidity

10 - 20%


Eletric stove


Rgb led-light bar

Music kit

Integrated music kit with preset selection of Spa Music by Starpool and audio mp3 player, with USB, audio jack input and SD Card.
Bluetooth technology for personal versions.


Tempered glass, th. 10 mm
Door handle steel/wood




Asymmetrical walls and slats in sawn-effect natural oak


Walls with alternating slats in brushed-effect natural oak and Thermowood oak