Ice Bath personal

Ice Bath personal is the ideal solution for those who want to enjoy cold therapy in a comfortable, effective and exclusive way. Realised for individual use, up to a maximum of two people, it ensures a customised experience and utmost psycho-physical recovery. Used not only in sports contexts but also at home, Ice Bath personal includes two headrests for greater comfort.  Also, the blue LED lights in the pool contribute to creating the ideal environment to take full advantage of the physical and psychological benefits produced by this practice.

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The filtration system including a skimmer guarantees clean and sanitised water, thanks to the constant water recirculation powered by a pump activated through a specific button.  It also allows to activate the ozone and UV-rays system for effective disinfection.

The external panel of the pool is in Alucobond, a material characterised by great resistance and flexibility, ensuring utmost function and duration of the product over time even in case of intensive use.  The covering in marine fabric lends Ice Bath pro an exclusive appearance and sophisticated design.

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the available coverings and download the available technical documents.

  • Data sheet
  • Coverings

Data sheet


190 X 140cm, Height 75cm


230 VAC 1P+ N+PE

Max consumption

2000 W / 8,69 A


50/60 Hz


Tank, frame and side panels in acrylic fibre

Net weight

960 Kg


550 lt

Water treatment

Water filtration and automatic continuous purification with ozone and UV lamp.

Cooling system


Water cooling time

About 4°C/h

Installation requirements

Power supply with Schuko socket


thermal cover



Steel Grey

H13 Steel Grey

Warm Grey

P4 Warm Grey