Create your own After-Workout Station


What matters in sports is not just intense training, or strain, but also and above all the attention to mental health, rest and muscle recovery.

Only few square meters are necessary to create your After-Workout Station: an innovative concept to recover like a champion after sport or an intense day.


Zerobody Dry Float

Now you can entrust your recovery to Zerobody Dry Float, an innovative system to regenerate body and mind thanks to the power of the Dry Float Therapy. Employed by the great American teams and by international athletes in a wide variety of disciplines, from football to ski, from hockey to basketball, Zerobody Dry Float combines the benefits of floatation to a fast and versatile method of use. Already effective after just 20 minutes and without any contraindication, it is the ideal solution to fight muscle pain, favour recovery after a workout and experience a moment of deep regeneration right at home.


Molecular Hydrogen Booster

Innovation and effectiveness are elements that characterise the Molecular Hydrogen Booster too – a valuable ally for a daily training to live well. Molecular hydrogen has antioxidant power, so it prevents cellular ageing and it fights the oxidative stress caused by free radicals, whose production is accelerated by sports and by the frenzy of daily life. Thanks to a comfortable and versatile system of intranasal inhalation, Molecular Hydrogen Booster has definitely become one of the most innovative and effective techniques to turn your rest moments in authentic regeneration, with results that last over time. “

Realise your
After-Workout Station