Zerobody Dry Float Instructions for use

ZEROBODY gallery3ZEROBODY gallery3


  • remove your accessories: earrings, rings, belt, hairpins, and everything that may bother you during the session;
  • remove your shoes;
  • place the disposable non-woven sheet on the platform of Zerobody Dry Float;
  • cover the headphones with the specific disposable ear covers, if available;
  • sit in the middle of the platform, lie down and put on the headphones.

On the touch-screen display, select:

  • desired language;
  • desired Brain Training program;
  • recommended light colour for every chosen program;
  • duration according to the chosen program.


It’s time to begin: press “start” to launch the program and adjust the volume to your liking. The platform will lower into the water, allowing you to dry float. Enjoy your relaxation.

The audio guide lasts 10 minutes. After this time, you will enjoy a pleasant, relaxing music track.


Once the session is over, the platform will come back up; keep lying down for a few seconds to make the most of the regenerating effect of the program, then get back up without haste.