Baural Acidic-pH solution to dilute in water.

Sweet Steam Pro

Ideal for the surfaces of steam and heat baths in ceramic, stoneware, glass and Solid Surface.

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Product characteristics

Baural is a concentrated acidic pH1 product to dilute in water. Its use is recommended periodically and not daily against scaling residues, stubborn dirt, and rust stains.
If used according to the instructions indicated on the label, it does not damage the cladding material of the equipment.


  • this product is not intended for shiny surfaces in artificial or natural marble or stone, slate, wood and aluminium.
  • do not use with chlorine-based products.
  • the use is recommended when the spa is closed, at the beginning or end of the season.
  • wear the appropriate PPE when using the product: gloves, mask to cover nose and mouth, and goggles.

Instructions for use

1) Turn off the cabin to clean the surfaces. Cleaning is recommended at room temperature.

2) Use plenty of water on the surface to be cleaned; do not let it dry out; we recommended to clean small areas at a time.

3) Use the diluted solution and leave it on for 5/10 minutes; then clean the surface using either a soft or a slightly abravise cloth depending on the dirt.

4) Use plenty of cold or slightly lukewarm water to rinse the surface.

5) Dry the clean surface with a soft cloth.

6) Leave the cabin door open for at least ten hours before turning the heat on.

Additional notes:

  • If the accessories in Solid Surface present stubborn dirt, use a slightly abrasive sponge and circular movements to clean.
  • For the slats in Solid Surface of the Sweet Spa cabins, we recommend pulling them out, clean them and dry them after each use. The base under the slats must be cleaned and rinsed with plenty of water before repositioning them.


200 ml of solution in 10 lt of water for regular cleaning or small areas. Use the concentrated product with great caution on stains or small areas with heavy scaling.


* Read the technical and safety data sheet carefully and follow the indicated rules and instructions.


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