Relax with added value


More and more people are becoming attentive to physical and mental well-being, making it necessary to place great importance on every aspect of wellness areas in order to offer experiences of profound and effective relaxation.

We develop products to theme rest areas and ensure an all-round wellness experience for guests, in every type of relaxation area in spas, as well as in every space dedicated to regeneration and recovery.

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Salt Wall

A natural therapy in a place that is both relaxing and beneficial for your health. Salt Wall combines the positive effects of mineral salt with the relaxing power of light. In the relaxation area, heat and humidity are maintained at a constant level thanks to a stove that regulates the parameters inside the room. The process of salt ionisation helps create optimum conditions that add value to the moment devoted to rest, offering a peaceful sensation of calm.

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In addition to being a unique and unmistakable envirornment, Salt Wall is an effective system to enhance the true meaning of rest. The inhalation of highly-concentrated sodium chloride helps create an environment that promotes deep relaxation, highlighting the value of rest moments in all wellness programs. The clean and dry air helps to strengthen the immune system. It improves respiratory function, favours blood flow and regulates blood pressure.

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Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach is the virtual guide for the well-being of body and mind. An interactive system to feel good and fit, through guided Mindfulness and Breathing programs developed with renowned partners in the fields of research and sports. Thanks to an intuitive and versatile software that allows the users to select their favourite activity according to their wellness goal or the desired difficulty level, the moments dedicated to rest with Wellness Coach turn into moments of actual psycho-physical regeneration.

The Personal version is equipped with noise-cancelling headphones and is designed to enhance individual rest. It is ideal in relaxation areas, as an exclusive solution to combine with loungers, day beds or chaise-longues.

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The Social version, on the other hand, is equipped with a top-quality Bluetooth speaker. It is the perfect solution to offer an exclusive service directly in hotel rooms or at home. What’s more, it allows you to arrange actual guided events of Mindfulness and breathing in hotels, gyms and companies, thanks to the function of Brain Training contents planning.