Corporate Wellness

Casa Starpool-eyes

Taking care of the people who work at Starpool every day: it is our way to make good of our daily commitment to create Wellness solutions for a better quality of life.

The more we are aware of our well-being, the more we can contribute to improve our clients.

Because well-being starts with us.


Our Health Lab

Our Health Lab is an absolute first in the world of Corporate Wellness. It is an innovative project promoting prevention and holistic well-being, through the reactivation of the natural health potential or by supporting the management of environmental stress. And we were the first in Europe to include it in our professional daily life. Our colleagues can rely on the competence of a doctor specialising in anti-ageing and longevity medicine and of a dietician, who combine scientifically-validated methods and cutting edge products in bespoke therapeutic programs that provide extraordinarily effective solutions. The therapeutic program includes some of the most innovative equipment in our Wellness offer: Total Body Photobiomodulation, Dry Float Therapy, Inhalation of molecular hydrogen, Synchronisation of brain rhythms.

corporate spa

Our Corporate Spa

A corporate spa where our colleagues can share their wellness experience and make it a good daily habit. Finnish sauna, steam bath and Mediterranean bath for the heat experience; ice fall, cold stream, cold blade and showers for the cold counter-reaction. And, lastly, a relaxation area with a tea corner where to regenerate and share rest of quality. Being Starpoolers also means being able to end a work day in name of an extraordinary Wellness Experience.


Our Recharge Room

Inside Casa Starpool, we created an actual Recharge Room with Zerobody. It is available to anyone who needs to recharge their energies and enjoy an immediate boost. We believe in the regenerating effect of power napping, that is – napping to regain your energy: few minutes of rest to find your focus again and resume your work in the best of ways. Thanks to the Dry Float Therapy and to the Mindfulness and breathing techniques programs, you only need 10 minutes to regenerate body and mind; that is another way in which we want to promote the culture of Wellness.


Our Corporate Fitness

Regular physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle, it is good for body and mind. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to fight stress, prevent illnesses and cellular ageing. Alongside our Corporate Spa, we realised a Fitness area complete with the equipment by Technogym. The perfect solution to find time to devote to physical activity, keep fit and achieve a complete professional and personal well-being.