Wellness design by Starpool

Is there a connection between design and wellness? There sure is, for us at Starpool.

The exclusive design of products is one of our distinctive features. But there’s more. Starpool’s goal, already declared in the 1975 company statute, has always been “the harmonious care and development of the human body”. The aim is not to create only products with unmistakable style, but also something that is fine-looking and actually effective for people’s well-being. Especially in the Private sector, the individuals’ real health needs – often tightly connected to lifestyle – are the starting point to then “dress” the products with a design that merges seamlessly in the environment.

Sweet Steam

Design as a distinctive feature

We’ve always bet on our products design: this is our strong point. The world of design and architecture gives us this credit. So much so that over the years we have been given recognition such as the Red Dot Design Award or the GranDesignEtico International. We began with traditional products like Finnish saunas, Roman baths and steam baths, reinterpreting them from a modern perspective, on a functional and aesthetic level. The environments are characterised by balance, originality and strong identity, signed by the designer or tailor-made after the client’s or architect’s request, and shape a new way of living wellness.


Cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials

Our exclusive design is closely related to the use of innovative technologies and of carefully selected materials. Design and technology have never been considered as separate elements, but as parts that contribute to the creation of a top-quality item, thus becoming integral part of the final product and making it stand out from the competition. We choose the materials for our products with great care, seeking for specific features in terms of aesthetics, hygiene, usability and duration.

Shade Collection 1

A new approach to wellness

The pursuit of new solutions for the attainment of people’s psycho-physical well-being has always been one of the core values of the company. Over the last few years, and especially after Covid, the attention to health has become sharper and sharper. Starpool has developed formats to meet people’s specific goals, to improve sleep quality, performance, longevity and stress management. Today, design is no longer just about the aesthetics of a product, but also about their usefulness in improving people’s health. This combination between Design and Wellness resulted in the Scientific Research Department, developed within the in-house R&D Department, with the goal of supporting the development of products and materials, thus scientifically validating every Starpool solution.