Wellness at home

Discover one of the trends of 2024 according to the Global Wellness Summit

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our habits: people spend more time at home than they used to. In its analysis on the trends of 2024, the Global Wellness Summit provides an interesting figure: over two thirds of Americans claim to spend much more time at home than they used to before the pandemic.

The perception of the workplace has also changed dramatically. Over the last years, we’ve been moving more and more steadily towards a remote working method, alternating it with the traditional one: our home is now by all means our office too. So, our homes are becoming environments that must be in line with the needs of the people living in them, thus making the object of a deep redevelopment revolving around wellness.


Home and technology: the future of well-being

In the post-pandemic era, characterised by an increased time spent at home, health is embarking on innovative directions. The home intended as a high-tech health centre is an innovative trend of the wellness real estate sector: according to the Global Wellness Summit, this market is worth today 398 billion dollars and it is expected to grow up to 887.5 billion dollars by 2027. The future of home wellness will focus on M-health (mobile-health): the goal will grow to be the activation of systems that control health and wellness from the comfort of one’s own home.

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Starpool’s solutions for home wellness

One of our goals is to bring wellness into the daily routine of those who want to relax and regenerate in the privacy of their own home. Exclusive design, technological innovation and customised design make it possible to recreate the wellness experience of a spa at home.
Our home offer includes a wide range of solutions, like for example:
Finnish Sauna to relax and release tension
Steam Room for moments of deep well-being thanks to the power of steam
Zerobody Dry Float for mental and physical regeneration taking advantage of the benefits of floatation


My W-Place app for home wellness

Technology in the service of well-being with My W-Place, our innovative app that allows you to control and manage your home spa remotely. You can schedule when to switch on one or more products, manage your settings, temperature, and lights, and always have our Brain Training programs developed with renowned partners in the fields of science and sport right at hand.
Every wellness program can be customised: it is possible to choose from our protocols of usage the ones that are the most suited to achieve one’s wellness goals and to work effectively on stress management, sleep, performance and Longevity.


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