Valentine’s Day

An occasion to share a special moment

Valentine’s Day is coming and, to many, it is an occasion to share a special moment, whether it is a launch, a dinner, a treatment at a beauty spa or an entire weekend dedicated to wellness. It is a present for you and the one you love that carries energy and a unique taste, as well as having the potential to convert a moment into an unforgettable experience.

San Valentino - coppiaSan Valentino

Tips to select the perfect treatment for the couple

The organisation of a moment of wellness to share with your loved one is always filled with expectations and it must be arranged with love and care. Currently, many Beauty Spas offer the opportunity to live a moment of total abandonment through rituals for couples, in spaces specifically designed and made for each taste and need.

Massaggio con Olio

Selecting the menu

Are you looking for a moment recalling Eastern scents? Select a menu including a body scrub with black Moroccan soap and massages given with hot spicy oils, myrrh-smelling creams and hot ginger teas.
Would you rather try a mountain style treatment? A ritual with the scents of the territory such as mountain pine and edelweiss will not let your expectations down.

Nuvola Soffio e Battista

A space for you

The perfect treatment for couples is embracing, hot and performed by the skilful hands of wellness operators who will simultaneously take care of you and the person you have decided to share the moment with.

Other Beauty Spas offer tubs with hot water where the couple can enjoy a bath soaked in various scents such as passion fruit, English rose, eucalyptus, blossoming cedar, as well as a bath in milk or wine.

Angolo Tisaneria Hotel Sporting Livigno

Relax after the treatment

The area specifically dedicated to couples also has a relax corner where guests can have fresh and dried fruit, olive oil to dip fresh vegetables in, herb teas and centrifuged vegetables/fruit or, as an alternative, a romantic dinner to eat in your warm bathrobe.

Whatever your choice, enjoy your Valentine’s Day!