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The research project

Provita Quisisana is a group of physical therapy and osteopathy clinics based in Germany that conduct innovative research about the study of manipulation techniques and their relative benefits. We have created a relationship of mutual support with ProVita to carry out an in-depth study to investigate the impact that Zerobody has on the effects of craniosacral treatment techniques and practices.

After some preliminary investigation on the use of Zerobody during some physical-therapy treatments of the craniosacral area, benefits were identified both in clinical terms and in terms of perception of pain and well-being. Moreover, the effects lasted longer than after a standard treatment without floatation. The goal of the current study is to make the results achieved so far scientifically objective, in order to better understand the mechanisms triggered by the use of Zerobody.


The figures of the study

12 months: duration of the project
100: subjects involved
10: analysed psycho-physiological variants
400: total number of hours dedicated to the study


Alexander Srokovskyi

Executive Partner, ProVita

“In a medical care world full of developments we aims to stay focused on the effectiveness and evidence of our treatment and training concepts.
Improved symmetry of the body and a proper coordination of the muscle-functional connections are the aims that leads to less muscle tension and pain. With the dry-floating component the above mentioned benefits should be better achieved and stay longer lasting.”