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The research project

Pro Motus is a company based in Bolzano, Italy, that works in the fields of training, sports medicine, rehabilitation physical therapy, and in the functional assessment of performance in the sports and medical sector. Starpool entrusted Pro Motus with an ambitious12-month-long project called: “Dry-floating with Zerobody as a practice for stress management and psycho-physical recovery”.

The research is based on the analysis of 20 voluntary subjects, whose acute relaxation response generated by dry floatation on Zerobody was investigated at a physiological, neurophysiological, biochemical, and psychological level.

The results were then compared to those obtained during a relaxation session on a standard bed. Important results were found when assessing all the measured parameters: reduction in heart rate, energy consumption and lactate concentration; lowering of blood pressure. The favourable data emerged when comparing them with those of the control group. In addition to these outcomes, a significant decrease in pain perception was also found.

The reduction in pain seems to have been triggered by the treatment on Zerobody itself, besides various factors connected to mood and fatigue level.


The figures of the study

12 months: duration of the project
20: subjects involved
20: analysed psycho-physiological variants
256: total number of hours dedicated to the study


Federico Fontana

Laboratory and Scientific Research Manager, Pro Motus

“The possibility to assess and measure the influence of a session on Zerobody Dry Float allows us to better understand the impact of dry floatation on both a mental and physical level. Thanks to the application of the scientific method and of an effective and replicable research procedure, our goal is to assess how Zerobody Dry Float improves our recovery ability, quality of life and performance in both the professional and sports sector. Zerobody is an innovative solution that can be easily introduced in every-day routine, and that has the potential to become part of a recovery program: from people who want to improve their quality of life to top-level athletes who are always in search of valuable and effective tools to maximise their recovery ability.”