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The research project

Mapei Sport is a renowned centre of scientific studies in the sports field. It has supported athletes in the world of cycling and soccer for years, and its results are considered a point of reference by several leading international soccer and cycling clubs.

In collaboration with their research team, we launched an investigation to analyse the effects of Zerobody on athletic preparation. The goal is to observe and assess the impact of dry floatation on athletes’ physical

performance, as well as on the physiological and perceptive response to exercise. The research project aims to scientifically prove the impact of Zerobody on the essential parameters of the professional athletic practice: recovery, strength, stamina, responsiveness to cognitive stimuli.

The study was organised in different survey sessions, which will be defined on a case-by-case basis, after evaluating the results of the first round of analysis.


The figures of the study

12 months: duration of the first phase of the project
12: subjects involved
4: phases to the study
12: analysed psycho-physiological variants in the first phase
240: total number of hours dedicated to the first phase of the study