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The research project

The Laureate Institute of Brain Research of Tulsa – Oklahoma is an institute of clinical neuroscientific research that aims to develop multidisciplinary research programs on pathophysiological and psychiatric disorders, new therapeutic solutions, and new forms of prevention to contribute to the well-being of people who are at risk of neuropsychiatric illnesses.
Justin Feinstein, neuropsychologist and Director of the “Libr Float Clinic & Research Center” supported by a team of researchers, is currently conducting a 3-year-long scientific study called “Investigating Floatation – REST as a Novel Technique for Reducing Anxiety and Depression”. The goal of the research is to test the dry floatation therapy on Zerobody as a tool of prevention and treatment for anxiety and depression.

The figures of the study

3 years: duration of the project
450: expected floatation sessions
75: patients involved
10: analysed psycho-physiological variants
17: researchers involved


Justin Feinstein

Neuropsychologist, LIBR Institute

“I was lucky to learn about Zerobody Dry Float during the 2018 Float Conference in Portland, and my first reaction was – Wow, what a great way to test whether immersion in water is necessary? –The body experiences a feeling quite similar to traditional floatation, but in a condition where it is suspended on top of water rather than being immersed within. I am excited about scientifically studying the effects of floatation in its various forms for the treatment of anxiety and depression.”