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Rapid Recovery Injury Prevention is a centre of excellence focusing on muscle recovery, the go-to place of the best international athletes.

The centre applies a meticulous recovery protocol for their clients, which leads to increased performance and a major reduction in the risk of injury. Every activity is designed and customised according to individual needs, thanks to a sophisticated monitoring system over the recovery session and over their effects on the performance of each athlete.

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Speeding up the recovery process

At Rapid Recovery Lounge, athletes find a complete synergic offer that ensures top performance and better recovery:

Cryotherapy, to treat inflammation;
Chiropractic Care, to ensure body alignment;
Dry Floatation, to reduce stress, increase serotonin levels and regenerate body and mind

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Athletes regenerate from intense training with Zerobody Dry Float, which provides a fast and efficient way to reduce cortisol levels and recover after a long day at work.
In addition, it allows athletes to benefit from the so-called Power Nap, and improve the quality of sleep.

The management's feedback

“Compared to the traditional massage bed, Zerobody Dry Float improves blood flow ensuring effective muscle recovert. The athletes’ bodies are prepared for the following manual and stretching treatments – which ensures utmost effectiveness of our treatments!”

“Zerobody Dry Float allows us to offer a service that is entirely dedicated to health and well-being, guaranteeing to athletes a regenerating experience similar to the one they would enjoy in a spa.”

“Zerobody Dry Float allows our athlets to optimize the time dedicated to recovey at our centre!”