Olimpia Milano

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Since its foundation back in 1936, Olimpia Milano has had one goal: the search for and identification of the best young talents to then work on their athletic development to take it to top levels. With eight victories in The Italian Basketball Cup and eleven played finals, it is the most awarded basketball team in Italy and of the most established in Europe.

Olimpia Milano has always supported initiatives to raise awareness and inclusion, with the aim to spread and strengthen the passion for basketball. Ambitious and exciting projects that aim to make kids fall in love with this captivating sport. The goal is creating a new vision of inclusion and respect, where everyone has the chance to get closer to the world of sports. One of the main pillars of the Olimpia Milano philosophy is the focus on the education and training of the kids, both in sports and in every other domain.


Recovery according to Olimpia Milano

To Olimpia Milano, recovery is a fundamental part of the adjustment process to training and to the emotional and psycho-physical stress resulting from the competitions. The pursuit of procedures and technologies to optimise recovery is a constant in professional sport. Based on scientific evidence and the athletes’ individual responses, Olimpia Milano continuously tries to define customised protocols that favour mental and physical regeneration to maximise performance.

This is why we’re proud that a company that is so attentive to well-being has chosen us from Starpool for their athletes’ recovery through the installation of our Zerobody Cryo in their performance center.


Francesco Cuzzolin

Head of Performance, Olimpia Milano Basket

“Cold has positive effects on physical, cognitive and emotional stress and it is also useful before physical activity, as it quickly activates the nervous system. For our athletes, we chose Starpool and the innovative Zerobody Cryo, adding the benefits of floatation, which promote relaxation and blood flow, to those of the cold therapy. This solution is much more effective than the traditional cold plunge.”