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Turquoise water, unpolluted beaches and mountains on the background. This is the idyllic landscape where the Nana Princess lies. A 5-star resort with suites and villas with a view on the sea, most of which have a private outdoor pool. There’s more: in some, you can even live a unique and private wellness experience, thanks to our saunas and steam baths installed right inside the apartments.

The space for the Spa is of 1,500 square metres. Here, you can lose yourself in the intense heat of the saunas, in the moist heat of the steam baths and of the Mediterranean bath, in the emotional atmosphere of the Waterparadise and in the burst of energy of the cold water baths like the ice cabin.

Our certified and patented system sp.a_system is the fil rouge for a guided wellness experience, and aimed to achieve specific goals.