Manna Resort

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Manna Resort is an exclusive 5-star facility located in Montan, near Bolzano on the slopes of the Monte Corno Nature Park. Klaus Gummerer’s minimal and yet majestic architecture for Pichler Architects studio, together with Enrico Moretti, designer for Moretti Interiors studio, realised Maria Luisa Manna’s dream of creating a unique and cosmopolitan resort in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Each environment is different, and mirrors the owner’s passion for travelling, who, over the years, has collected original items and furniture from each continent. We have realised a regenerating and relaxing area for Manna Resort, with environments made of contrasts between hot and cold, moist and dry, that embrace and enhance the senses, in a place rich in oriental allure that blends in well with cosmopolitan style.

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The Manna Resort Spa

The Spa design, choice of surfaces, colours, and embracing and sinuous shapes mirror the mindset oriented towards health and beneficial contact with nature. The environments ideally open towards the outside thanks to the large glass walls, resulting in an interesting combination of Western and Eastern traditions, visible in the décor items and details.

The wellness area includes a Finnish sauna in savu fir, characterised by essential and neat lines; a soft sauna with a sinuous and enveloping design; the Sweet Collection steam bath; the Mediterranean bath customised with a gold crystal cladding, in perfect harmony with the exotic elegance of the wellness area.

Manna massages

The spa is completed with a wide area dedicated to massages and rituals. Some of the operators making up the beauty team come from Thailand, and are experts of thai rituals and specific treatments that combine modern technology with ancient traditions.
The beauty area also feature our Nuvola, that combines the concept of dry floatation to wellness rituals and massage, taking advantage of the therapeutic power of water to make the most of the benefits of body treatments.

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The Spa continues in the three suites and the resort chalets, towards a private dimension of wellness. The suites include our Finnish Soul Sauna creating complete private spas, which the guests experience exclusively and in total safety and privacy.

Last but not least, the Spa works in synergy with Manna Medical, the medical centre offering targeted and holistic health programs to purify and strengthen the body, and experiment healthy lifestyles with the “Mayr method”.