Loungevity Parafarmacia & Spa

Not a simple over the counter pharmacy: Loungevity is the perfect refuge for those in search of natural solutions supported by sound scientific grounds for physical and mental renovation.
Its services include: aromatherapy, phytotherapy, iridology, face and body treatments, spa massages and the innovative esperiences of floatation and cryotherapy with the Starpool products.


The philosophy and services of Loungevity Parafarmacia & Spa

Its philosophy is based on the harmonious synergy between science and nature, promoting people’s total well-being. This holistic approach is the heart of every treatment and service offered by Loungevity. Here, you may find:
over the counter pharmacy, where every product is carefully selected to ensure safety and optimum results;
specialised consults in aromatherapy, naturopathy and iridology, as well as biohacking strategy;
mindfulness sessions to improve your physical and mental health, highlighting the importance of inner balance and of stress reduction in daily life;
wellness centre & spa with relaxing therapies and advances cosmeceutical solutions;
– unique experiences like dry floatation and cryotherapy, to defy the limits of traditional wellness.


The Starpool technologies chosen by Loungevity Parafarmacia & Spa

Nuvola, Battista, Zerobody Cryo e Wellness Coach were chosen specifically because they improve clients’ mental and physical well-being through a holistic and innovative approach, perfectly in line with the Loungevity philosophy of combining science and nature.
They weren’t selected only because of their individual effectiveness, but also because of how they complete the overall approach to wellness. In fact, Loungevity has set up specialised specific areas, each dedicated to a unique aspect of wellness. There’s the “Zerobody Cryo Cabin” which combines the benefits of dry floatation to cryotherapy, and the “Nuvola with Battista Cabin” for ayurveduc treatments, combining ancient traditions and modern innovations.


The benefits according to Loungevity Parafarmacia & Spa

The owner Gaia Gandola claims that: “the introduction of these technologies has brought several benefits to our business, among which:
the expansion of offered services, going beyond the sale of medications and health care products;
the positioning as wellness experts, and not just as supplier of drugs;
the personalised approach to the client, through consults and wellness coaching tools;
– the improvement of the customer experience, transforming the simple purchase of products in an all-around wellness experience;
the business diversification, attracting more and more clients who are increasingly interested not just in traditional health, but also in mental and physical well-being;
the client’s education and awareness.”

Clients’ feedback

Pietro T.

“An exceptional experience… Absolutely everybody should try the floatation on Nuvola”.

Evelyn C.

“A fantastic experience! The environment is relaxed and well-finished, and the staff is kind and competent. I tried the cryotherapy: three minutes of unparalleled sensations, it’s a must-try. After the treatment, I felt a boost of energy with a pleasant feeling that lasted until evening. I’ll certainly try it again.
Thanks to Loungevity Parafamacia & Spa for giving me the chance to get to know this fantastic treatment.”

Daniela C.

“I’ve tried a dry floatation session today and I’m super happy… It was a nearly mystical experience…. Absolute relaxation, free from every worry. It feels like floating in a vacuum, and besides the physical benefit, there’s also the mental one. I strongly recommend it.”