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In September 2021, Deville was opened in Marciaga. This brand new, environmentally sustainable facility is dedicated to the lovers of nature, sport and relaxation, and it was built by the Cabilli group, owner of four other hotels in the vicinity of Lake Garda.
Deville rises in this wonderful location overlooking the Lake, surrounded by the hills greenery, rich in olive trees, where peace is master and the landscape is breathtaking. It is the ideal place to create a corner of exclusive well-being, where the numerous tales enchant the guests.
The project for the creation of the spa was entrusted to Architect Corrado Venturini, who imagined and built it in the shape of a place that can convey stories, legends, truths, tales, fantasies and beliefs, connected to the territory.  Nothing is haphazard. We at Starpool have been chosen as wellness partner to realise and convey the intended message thanks to our solutions for the world of wellness.

Deville fire

Deville’s Spa Les Deux Iles between myth and reality

The first element that inspired Architect Venturini is fire. It is common belief that Mount Baldo, which overlooks Lake Garda, is a volcanic mountain. Fire, though, is not just eruptions and lava flows: it warms us up and helps us live, it is a gift.

Deville ice

The name of the spa? Les Deux Iles, that is, “the two islands”. Those who are familiar with the area will have already understood the reason why. It comes from a legend too, but islands in Lake Garda really do exist. They are actual starting points to reach every direction, and figuratively they are havens for the soul, surrounded by water that heal and purify body and mind. Finnish sauna and steam bath are just that. Located in the middle of the spa like the two islands in the middle of the lake, encircled by water, which can be crossed thanks to the walkways that allow passage. What’s more, Lake Garda is a glacial lake. This is the reason why the spa features an ice fall: to evoke another characteristic element of this territory.

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The area also features a lot of caves, which used to be – and still are, a safe place for men, for them to feel protected and find shelter and solace and rethink themselves. The relaxation areas of the spa have been designed by the philosophy of creating places similar to caves, yet able to offer relief and rest to guests.

All this elements create a spa that evokes and produces a profound sense of belonging, where the beauty that surrounds it create the path to follow along the fil rouge of the territory, for a full immersion in myths and well-being.