EHPAD Château de Beaurecueil

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The EHPAD Château de Beaurecueil is a medical rest home, dedicated to the elderly who are not self-employed.

Located in an exceptional setting, at the foot of the Sainte Victoire mountain, 9 km from Aix-en-Provence and 45 km from Marseille, in France, is surrounded by greenery between park and gardens covering an area of approximately 2 hectares.

The teams’ priority is to make the stay in this home a time of serene living and to provide the support, assistance and comfort that patients expect.

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The Snoezelen approach with Zerobody Dry Float

The centre adopts the “Snoezelen” approach, a therapeutic intervention that aims to promote the well-being of the person through the controlled stimulation of the five senses.

In the early years of its development, Snoezelen treatment was intended for the developmental age, in particular for children with attention difficulties, hyperactivity, mental retardation, autism and severe disabilities; it was later extended to treat learning difficulties and psychiatric adult patients, and recently in the treatment of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Zerobody Dry Float fits perfectly into this context, offering patients the regenerative power of dry float therapy, the only therapy in the world capable of producing the psycho-physical benefits of gravity reduction.

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The advantages of Zerobody Dry Float

Being able to offer the benefits of floating therapy in a “dry” format is a great advantage for staff, who find it easier not to have to undress, wet, dry and dress patients.

In addition, as Zerobody Dry Float is free of contraindications and safe to use, it perfectly meets the practical and functional needs of the medical team.

Although Zerobody Dry Float has been installed in an area of the facility dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients, its use is not limited to residents only. Even the staff themselves sometimes use Zerobody Dry Float as a moment of psycho-physical regeneration, for example on the occasion of staff wellness days, organized once a year.

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What do the staff think


  • “It favors a psycho-physical state of calm and tranquility in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, who are sometimes restless and anxious”
  • “It allows to reduce drug therapies in favour of preventive and regenerative treatments
  • “Helps in the reduction of pain and muscle contractures
  • “Improves blood circulation
  • “Promotes a sense of security and regression to a primordial state