Cristallo Resort & Spa

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The hotel symbol of the famous Cortina D’Ampezzo has been part of the Luxury Collection of Marriott International as the first mountain resort in the world since 2017.

The 1.600- sqm Cristallo Ultimate Spa was renewed with our products and consulting. The restyiling project – entrusted to the architecture and interior design studio MHZ, and in particular to Architect Alessando Zarinelli and Interior Designer Katrin Herden – reinterpreted the most ancient wellness tradition of the Middle East and Finland from a modern perspective.

The concept retraces the thermal tradition of heat, water and rest, and brings it back to life in a place that is modern, and yet authentic.
The Finnish sauna in red cedar respects tradition and is connected with the surrounding environment thanks to the large glass wall that lets light into the spa.
The wellness experience continues to the bursts of energy guaranteed by the ice fall, and to the numerous reaction showers, differing in colour, fragrance and water jets.
And this is not all: the reinterpretation of the Kneipp therapy makes the experience even more complete. The beneficial alternation between hot and cold water is not just intended for the lower limbs, but for the entire body, among plays of lights and fragrances.