Cora Hotel & Spa Resort

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The Cora Hotel & Spa Resort overlooks the crystal-clear water of Chalkidiki, not far from the fascinating Greek village of Afitos. Surrounded by the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub, this hotel is a true oasis of peace. This place offers diverse experiences: from outdoor activities, like water skiing, canoeing and wind surfing to more relaxing activities, like yoga lessons, fishing and days at the spa.

One of the gems of Cora Hotel & Spa Resort is precisely the spa. Guided by a team of professionals, you will be able to try our the numerous available services, ranging from massages to face treatments, from the pool warm water to the modern gym equipment and the elegant sauna and steam bath, both signed by Starpool. The goal is to offer balance and regeneration to body and mind, through experiences that give you peace and well-being to make you feel better, with less stress and more energy.