Clarion Hotel Sign

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Clarion Hotel Sign is one of Stockholm’s largest hotels, located in the middle of Stockholm City. Within the hotel walls you will find 558 hotel rooms, a conference area, a podcast studio, bar and restaurant.

On the eighth floor, you’ll find spa and health club Selma City Spa with the rooftop pool everyone is talking about. During the winter, you can take a dip in the heated pool while savoring the magical view of our beautiful capital city. In the summer, the pool is transformed into the perfect place to hang out with great music and exciting happenings.

At Selma City Spa, you can now also indulge yourself with spa treatments and Zerobody Dry Float, for that extra well-being experience of the Dry Float Therapy. By being one of the most prominent spas in the capital of Sweden, Selma City Spa is continuously looking for ways to evolve and offer new and innovative treatments, which is why Zerobody Dry Float was an obvious step forward. In a fast-moving city as Stockholm, Zerobody Dry Float and our Health Innovation solutions will offer many people the chance to recover from everyday stress and invest in their physical and mental wellbeing.


Vanja Trossö

Spa Manager, Selma City Spa at Clarion Hotel Sign

“Being able to offer our hotel guests and our locals a new relaxing treatment feels really important in today’s quite stressful society. Here at Selma City Spa, there is always some feeling of city pulse, therefore Zerobody Dry Float is the perfect complement to our guests.”