Canottieri Olona 1894

olonaCanottieri Olona
olona 1Canottieri Olona

Canottieri Olona 1894 is one of the number one places where to enjoy sport and relaxation with your entire family: it is a true wellness oasis in the magnificent frame of the Naviglio Grande in Milan.

The restyling of the club was entrusted to the architecture studio Lombardini22, and it favours the uninterrupted connection between the inside and the outside.  Swimming pool, gym, reception desk, club house, garden, cafeteria and restaurant have been completely renovated, together with the spa by Starpool. An essential style with clean-cut lines and dark shades combined with plays of light to create an appeasing environment where relaxation comes natural.

Courtesy of Theatro – Ph. Marcello Mariana