Borgo dei Gatti

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A village surrounded by vineyards, stone houses, courtyards an cobbled streets where you can enjoy the present.  This is the place of birth of Il Borgo dei Gatti, a scattered hotel in Golferenzo,a small town in the province of Pavia, in the area of Alta Val Versa.

The relais preserved the original atmosphere of the village thanks to a careful redevelopment of the stone houses with their exposed beams, farm courtyards and former barns populated by cats, the silent guardians and protectors of the project. This scattered hotel includes various apartments of traditional influence, a small local shop, a wine shop, a restaurant and various activities and experiences to live in the village.

It is in this framework that we from Starpool designed and realised the new Adàsi spa: an ode to slowness as opposed to the frantic rhythms of daily life, in the form of cutting-edge wellness solutions that merge with traditional memories and materials, thus creating unique environments and experiences.

Inside the spa, the experience begins with Classic Soft Sauna and Glamour Steam Room.

The heat is alternated with the cold, thanks to Cold Storm, Cold Breeze and Ice Fall. And after heat and cold, there comes rest.  Here, the relaxation moments become experiences of psycho-physical regeneration thanks to the virtual guide Wellness Coach.  The spa also includes an outdoor area featuring a Nature Sauna that can be used all year long and in any weather.

There is also a private spa, an actual oasis of well-being and total relaxation. From here, you can access the Soul Sauna Finnish sauna, the Soul Steam steam bath, and the refreshing experience Cold Breeze, integrated in the extraordinary Shower One.