Augsburger Panther

Augsburger Panther - ERC Ingolstadt - PENNY DELAugsburger Panther - ERC Ingolstadt - PENNY DEL

The German Club Augsburger Panther is one of the five hockey teams that have been in activity since the foundation of the German League in 1994. Businessmen, firm owners, and doctors had already founded the Augsburg Eislaufverein in 1878, making it the oldest ice-skating club in Germany. The team is now based at the Curt-Frenzel stadium in Augsburg in Bavaria.

The team of trainers of the Augsburger Panthers strives to offer the latest treatments and technologies to the players. Cryotherapy, chiropractice, stretching, massages, relaxation, recovery and other health programs have a fundamental role in their daily routine. This type of approach allows the team to be very attractive to young talents and more.

This is why the Augsburger Panthers chose Zerobody Cryo, our innovative solution to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy to the players. An easy, safe and usable product: floatation at a functioning temperature of 4-6°C degrees without getting wet, thanks to the patented membrane that wraps the body completely. This technology doesn’t require long waits or water changes, making the club rank high also as far as sustainability goes.

Simon Sengele-ritratto

Simon Sengele

Club Athletics trainer, Augsburger Panther

“Zerobody Cryo is an innovative technology which became the athletes’ favourite recovery ritual after only a few weeks. I think that our team is the first one in Germany to make this innovative dry cold therapy tecnique available to their players. They are extremely excited!”.