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Aquila Basket Trento is an Italian basketball team based in Trento, founded in 1995 and protagonist of the 2014 Serie A championship, the top professional championship of Italian basketball. It is a sports organisation founded on the principles of sustainability, transparency and loyalty, deeply rooted in its territory and committed to offering its fans a unique sports experience, inside and outside the court.

Starpool shares the same values: thanks to this synergy, the collaboration that we have created as Wellness Partner allowed us to support the athletes and the technical staff thanks to the effectiveness of dry floatation, especially in terms of athletic preparation, mental focus and muscle recovery.

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Athletic preparation

Basketball is the only sport that tends to the sky.
This famous quote by Bill Russel about his idea of basketball also illustrates very well the athletic preparation of players: a complex activity that requires an explosive combination of strength, balance and agility.

Today’s basketball is characterised by faster and faster rhythms and requires great ability in predicting the perfect execution of an athletic movement and to develop the best technical response to the external stimulus. That’s why rest and mental preparation,  considered as a real training of tenacity, clarity and determination on the court, take on a key role in the training programs of each athlete.

This is the reason why, since 2019, the team has chosen Zerobody Dry Float for the recovery and athletic performance of the players.

What do the athetes think about Zerobody Dry Float?

Toto Forray, Captain

“Thanks to Zerobody Dry Float, I can focus on myself after matches: I have the chance to understand what I have to work on and to manage my mind, both after a victory or a defeat, so that I can get off to a better start.”

Luca Lechthaler, Pivot

“Thanks to floatation, I get to work a lot on a mental level too, on relaxation and on energy recovery. It’s a priceless tool that’s helping me recover much faster.”

Fabio Diana

Fabio Diana

Team Doctor, Aquila Basket Trento

“The reduced perception of soreness and muscle stiffness in the sessions with Zerobody Dry Float improves the feeling of recovery and favors both relaxation and mood. This benefit is particularly important for athletes who have a hard time getting rid of physical and mental tension. We use dry floatation also to improve the quality of sleep and the recovery caused by muscle relaxation after long trips or close together events. This is also helpful to facilitate the work of the physical therapist and massage therapist.”

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Franco Jachemet

Massage Therapist, Aquila Basket Trento

“The use of Zerobody Dry Float with our athletes and staff members aims to favor the recovery from close together trips and competitive appointments, with good results. The chance to recover the hours of sleep that are lost for the frantic ryhthms that we all experience is excellent. This product also allowed us to create a good synergy with the post-activity physical treatments.”

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