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The Alabama Crimson Tide football team represents the University of Alabama in the sport of American football and is among the most storied and decorated football programs in the history of NCAA. The team competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Western Division of the South-eastern Conference.

In 2020 Alabama opened its new Sports Science Center, located at the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility: covering over 650 square metres, the center performs triple-duty as a treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation facility.

The over 600 student-athletes of the University of Alabama have access to advanced treatment services and technology with spaces dedicated to cryotherapy, chiropractic therapy, stretching, massages, relaxation, recovery, and mental health services. These innovations make the best medical structures available to athletes, and allow Alabama Athletics to keep attracting the best recruits of the country.

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Zerobody Dry Float, the ally for recovery

The Crimson Tide chose us from Starpool to realise multiple Dry Float Therapy stations, allowing athletes to take advantage of our versatile Zerobody for fast and effective muscle recovery.

“This may be the part of our recovery area in the Sports Science Center that I’m the most excited about.” athletic trainer Jeff Allen said. “This is completely new technology. I think we’re the only team in the country that has it, so we’re really excited to start using this dry floatation system.”

Allen said that he and his training staff will be able to support “all of our student-athletes across all sports. It’s going to be a fantastic situation for us”, thanks to the multiple Zerobody Dry Float stations.

evan neal

Evan Neal

Offensive Tackle, Alabama Crimson Tide

“Man, Zerobody Dry Float feels amazing! As far as training goes, it takes pressure off my back. It’s really good for recovery, in my opinion. I like to come in here after workouts and take a couple minutes and relax. This relieves a lot of strain and pressure off my back. I’m really grateful that we have these.”

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jeff allen

Jeff Allen

Associate Athletics Director, Alabama Crimson Tide

“We were incredibly strategic with how we planned what we wanted to go into our Sports Science Center when it comes to recovery,” Allen said. “We wanted things that no doubt would have physiological benefits for our athletes, something that we knew would help them. It would have been really easy, I think, for us just to build a room full of nap beds, and that would have been OK. But we wanted to try to take it a step above and do something unique, and I think we’ve done that. Really excited about the opportunity to use ZerobodyDry Float.”

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