Zerobody personal

Zerobody personal is the innovative solution that allows body and mind to regain energy in a fast and comfortable way. Developed to be used in the medical and corporate sectors, and by the great international sports clubs, it is now available in a “smart” version for home use, where it becomes a décor and design item.

With its unique and patented system to float in zero gravity on 400 litres of warm water, it frees you from all external stimuli. The mind can express its extraordinary potential, while the body relaxes and regenerates in a unique sensory experience.

Design: Cristiano Mino

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Your ever-available ally for health and well-being

Everyone can enjoy the countless benefits of dry floatation, which is internationally recognised as one of the most effective antidotes against stress. There are no contraindications or age limits. It is ideal after an intense day at work or the daily activities, before and after a long trip, for the recovery after exercise, and to promote focus. Blending perfectly in the home décor, it is always available to offer you complete psycho-physical well-being.

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Wellness and designer décor in one

Thanks to an easy and intuitive system, you will be able to turn on and off the device, adjust the water temperature, and customise the light colours during your moments of psycho-physical regeneration. Zerobody personal is not just the Dry Float Therapy in the comfort of your own home, but also a designer home décor item.

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