Water Paradise Kneipp

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One incredible multisensory experience that offers relaxing and pleasant effects, where water is the main protagonist. Water Paradise Kneipp combines four showers in one system: Cold Breeze, Summer Storm, Cold Rain and Tropical Rain.

The jets are activated through one button, and temperature, colour, fragrance and intensity are alternated automatically. An exciting and beneficial wellness solution, for all the pleasant feelings.

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

  • Data sheet

Data sheet


Buttons at both extremities

The functioning is timed to 20 seconds - Cold Breeze
The functioning is timed to 30 seconds - Summer Storm
The functioning is timed to 10 seconds - Cold Rain
The functioning is timed to 30 seconds - Tropical Rain

Showerhead plate

Ceiling-mounted 17x17 cm
Polished stainless-steel finish

Water consumption

2,2 lt/min - Cold Breeze
12 lt/min - Summer Storm
2,7 lt/min - Cold Rain
2,7 lt/min- Tropical Rain


Blue led light - Cold Breeze
Red led light - Summer Storm
Green led light - Cold Rain
Amber led light - Tropical Rain

Fixed white led light on standby


Firnmint - Cold Breeze
Passion Fruit - Tropical Rain

Fragrance consumption

0,34 cc / impulse - Cold Breeze
0,70 cc / impulse - Tropical Rain

Energy consumption

300 W