Vertical Kneipp

Vertical Kneipp is an alternation of hot and cold water showers, illuminated by red and blue led lights indicating the temperature of each jet. The water envelops the body in an embrace of wellness.

Vertical Kneipp mobile 1Vertical Kneipp 1
Vertical Kneipp mobile 2Vertical Kneipp 2

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

  • Data sheet

Data sheet


Buttons at both extremities
It is possible to start either with the hot or with the cold temperatures
The functioning is timed: 30 seconds hot shower 10 seconds cold shower


No.4, ceiling-mounted
Model Shower Head 17x17 cm
Model Shower One 60x42 cm
Polished stainless-steel finish or Matt black finish (only for Shower One)

Water consumption

8lt/min for each Shower Head
22lt/min for each Shower One

Water temperature

It corresponds to the cold-water supply; recommended temperature: 8-15 °C
The hot shower has a temperature between 36-39 °C


Red led light for hot shower
Blue led light for cold shower

Energy consumption

300 W

Most suitable solution for each specific spa to be identified.

It is possible to combine the Walking Kneipp with the Vertical Kneipp to maximise the benefits.