Summer Storm

Summer Storm is an energetic burst of water scented with the sweet fragrance of passion flowers. An intense, warm jet accompanied by a red light that offers a unique multi-sensory experience for a deeply regenerating effect.

SummerStormShower 1SummerStormShower 1
SummerStormShower 3SummerStormShower 3
SummerStormShower 4SummerStormShower 4

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

  • Data sheet

Data sheet


The function has a timed activation for 30 seconds

Showerhead plate

Ceiling-mounted17x17 cm
Polished stainless-steel finish

Water consumption

12 lt/min

Water temperature

36-39 °C


Red led light for the Summer storm and fixed white led light on standby


Passion flowers

Fragrance consumption

0,70 cc / impulse

Energy consumption

100 W