Spa Table

Spa Table is our Beauty proposal dedicated to peel treatments and cosmetic rituals. Inspired by the ancient traditions of the Roman baths and of the Arab hammams, Spa Table maintains the functional characteristics for a thorough cleansing of the body.

With Spa Table, you can transform the proposal of a cosmetic treatment to fight flaws and blemishes in an actual multi-sensory spa experience.

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The basis of unique body treatments

It is suitable for scrub, exfoliation and soaping treatments, which become actual wellness rituals. Spa Table ensures utmost hygiene and easy sanitisation thanks to its Solid Surface cladding. Spa Table can be heated to a temperature of 38-40°C, favouring the preparation of the body to the following treatments, and enhancing their results. The multi-sensory experience is enriched with a LED lighting system featuring 7 colours, that can be activated in colour-changing mode or one at a time.

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Design to the service of beauty

Spa Table is so practical thanks to its mattress, which is placed on its top surface and transforms it in a comfortable bed for the end-of-treatment moisturising massage. It is an incredibly versatile product: it can be used as a support for treatments, combined with the steam bath, or as a massage bed. It features a vertical support, which functions as a perfect countertop to maintain the cosmetic products warm during the treatment, as well as a handshower to rinse and clean the body.


Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

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Data sheet


93W X 233D X 70H cm


180 Kg

Max consumption

700 W


16 A - 230V 1L+N+PE without fuses

Water fittings

Handshower, progressive mixer


Led lights available in 7 colours
Colour wheel or fixed light





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