Rehab Pool

Aquatic therapy is becoming a more and more widespread approach in the treatment of post-injury ailments, and in post-op recovery. Rehab Pool has become popular both in medicine and in sports, as it allows to perform physical therapy exercises in total safety, while taking advantage of body weight reduction and the joint relief that follows. In sports, it is particularly suited also to maximise the effectiveness of the cool-down process, a fundamental aspect of the athletic performance.

A wide range of accessories to allow facilities to customise the use of the Rehab Pool on the basis of the guests’ needs: handrails, wall bars for water exercises, different water heights for differentiated medical therapies, whirlpool and counter-current systems for walking reahabilitation, portholes for pool activity monitoring.

Rehab pool 6Rehab pool 6
Rehab pool 7Rehab pool 7
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