Raxul is the cabin that can recreate all the temperature phases of the ancient Roman Baths in sequence, shaping a private environment where beauty rituals are transformed in distinctive wellness programs that can be planned.

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The evolution of the thermal ritual

With Raxul, it is possible to offer many beauty programs and body treatments: from the remise en forme to detox, from drainage of excess fluids to toning. Raxul is a easy-to-use versatile product. All the benefits of a heat bath, a steam bath and a Roman bath in an only solution. Its refined internal cladding is in refractory material, ensuring the right temperature for treatments at all times. It is equipped with a handshower for the rinsing and cleansing of the body, and an audio system.

The wellness experience is enriched by the led lighting system that accompany each treatment with a different colour.

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Ritual and planning

Thanks to a software developed for the planning of rituals, you can choose the type of heat that is best suited for the treatment, or select cycles that are dedicated to specific objectives. The basic cycles, that is – heat bath, steam bath and Roman bath, can be activated at any time and individually, according to the different characteristics of the various body treatments.

The specific cycles, on the other hand, are designed for particular wellness goals. The “mudbath ritual“, which is ideal for mud and clay treatments. The “essence ritual“, characterised by warm steam and essence of Eucalyptus which, combined with a cosmetic product like a mechanical or micro-granular scrub, favours skin exfoliation. The “ritual of tides“, a thalasso cycle develop for detoxification and drainage of excess liquids.

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

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