Nature Sauna personal

The Finnish sauna that combines the individual’s need to reconnect with nature with the need to take care of oneself in the privacy of one’s own home. Designed to create a synergy with any context in a continuous exchange, Nature Sauna personal follows the rhythm of its surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the cycles of nature, without leaving your home.
To ensure maximum well-being in every outdoor setting, Nature Sauna personal is available in two innovative configurations: one with an electric stove, and one with a wood-burning stove equipped with chimney and flue.
Design: Studio aledolci&co
Nature Sauna personal-2 mobile Nature Sauna personal-2
Nature Sauna personal-1 mobile Nature Sauna personal-1
Nature Sauna personal 3 mobile Nature Sauna personal 3
Nature Sauna personal 4 mobile Nature Sauna personal 4

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